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Skarner visual update revealed by LoL devs

By Nicholas James


Oct 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends has kept up its frequent Visual Gameplay Updates, and developers have finally revealed the Skarner update that will be coming in early 2024.

Skarner has been one of League of Legends’ most outdated champions for a very long time. His lore previously tied him to the Dominion mode, the discovery of Hextech by Piltovans, and the storyline of the Crystal Scar. This wasn’t working, and his outdated and cartoonish look was detracting from the potential gravitas of his story.

Skarner update revealed

Skarner’s new look had previously been teased, with the last of the Brackern getting two more tails than he previously had. This new design elevates Skarner to be an enormous monstrosity of stone and crystal.

In the preview videos of Skarner, he’s absolutely huge compared to most champions. This new look makes Skarner much more imposing and primal than his previous bright blue and purple body. Now the Hextech crystals in his body are limited to his face, portions on his arms, and the stingers on each of his three tails.

Skarner model update concept art

In the video, Riot’s developers talk about just how much work they’ve put in to make Skarner’s new look fit. They talk about thinking about how he’d look crawling over a wall or throwing a huge rock. For this second idea, they illustrate what we can assume is one of the Skarner update’s new abilities. It’s a straight-line skill shot that has an AoE explosion upon impacting an enemy champion.

Just like Skarner, the projectile for this ability is absolutely massive compared to most. It takes up a large swath of the lane as Skarner lobs an enormous boulder toward three enemies with his prehensile tail. At the beginning of this video, two of the enemies are rooted, possibly by an ability used by Skarner before the footage begins. More information about the new Skarner Visual Gameplay Update will be released as the year goes on and we near his estimated 2024 release date.


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