SK Telecom T1, Fnatic survive Group of Death at LoL Worlds 2019

By Melany Moncada


Oct 19, 2019

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SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic secured a spot in the 2019 League of Legends World Championship Knockout Stage.

SKT and Fnatic are the two teams to come out of the group of death. SKT secured first place early in the day with a dominating victory over Clutch Gaming. The LCK champion stumbled earlier against Fnatic and had to wait until its final game to lock in the first seed.

SKT looking unstoppable at LoL Worlds 2019


SKT is living up to the community’s expectations. The three-time World Champion organization seems poised to take a fourth Summoner’s Cup in Paris. If SKT continues to perform at their current level, the rest of the teams in the Knockout Stage will have a difficult time challenging them in a best-of-five series.

Fnatic had their best day in the tournament so far. The team finished with three convincing victories and snatched the second seed away from Royal Never Give Up.

It was the first time ever that RNG failed to get out of the group stage. The team is returning to China earlier than expected with wounded pride and a possible hole in their roster due to the the potential retirement of Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao.

Group C looked strong from the start and all of the teams delivered their best performance possible. Even Clutch Gaming, who finished winless, has good games where they came close to victory.

As second seed, Fnatic will avoid the other LEC teams that also finished second in their respective groups. Though they failed to capture first seed, the teams have the potential to defeat the Korean and Chinese teams that have also advanced, and make the rest of the tournament a Western competition.

Expectations will be high for both Fnatic and SKT, as the teams advance forward after besting two of the most formidable organizations competing at Worlds. They now head to Madrid, Spain for the rest of the competition, which starts on October 26.


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