SK Telecom T1 breaks multiple records with 8th LCK title win

By Melany Moncada


Sep 3, 2019

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SK Telecom T1’s victory over Griffin in the 2019 LCK Summer finals was an important one.

In addition to rebounding from an ugly start to the split, SKT qualified as the LCK’s first seed to the 2019 World Championship. That’s not all.

SKT became the first team in LCK history to win eight titles. The team’s supremacy started in summer 2013 when the team achieved its first championship.

2019 is the second year the organization won titles in both splits. It previously achieved the feat in 2015, which was followed by its first World Championship victory.

Finally, SKT is the first team to start a championship run from the wildcard spot. The team previously came close to achieving this in 2017 but fell in the finals to Longzhu Gaming, currently known as Kingzone DragonX.

SK Telecom T1 players break records, too

The players also broke individual records. Bottom laner Park “Teddy” Jin-seong finished the finals with zero deaths. Kim “Khan” Dong-ha broke the record for top laner with the most LCK titles by winning his fourth, winning two with SKT and two with Kingzone DragonX.

Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong tied the record for championships won by a support player by winning his fourth. He now shares the record with former SKT player Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan. Mata’s first title came in 2013, and the second in 2018 when he played for KT Rolster.

Finally, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has won more LCK titles than any other player. He was the starting mid laner in 2013 when SKT won its first LCK championship and has been with the organization ever since.

This year, SKT has its eyes on the prize and will look to become the first team to win three world championships. The biggest threat to their goal is G2 Esports. The European will look to take a page out of SKT’s book by becoming the only other team to win the World Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational on the same year.


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