Sinatraa, Super discuss OWL Grand Finals, Shock rivalry with Titans

By Morten Marstal


Sep 28, 2019

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The San Francisco Shock made an epic run through the loser’s bracket of the Overwatch League playoffs and will play against the Vancouver Titans on Sunday to determine the Season 2 champions. 

The Grand Finals will take place on September 29 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. caught up with Matthew “Super” DeLisi and Jay “Sinatraa” Won to discuss their feelings on reaching the Grand Finals and how they’re handling the pressure.

What does it mean to you to make it to the Grand Finals?

Sinatraa: I mean, it’s great. It’s every player’s dream to be in the Grand Finals and to be one of the best.

Super: Some players will never get the chance to make it here, so it’s a dream.

Super, how do you feel about being home for the Grand Finals?

Super: Let alone getting to the finals, but getting to play in the Finals where you grew up? Like, I went to the Wells Fargo Center dozens of times. I’ve been there for baseball games, hockey games, I sat top to bottom floor and now I get to be on stage, so it’s crazy.

Do you think playing on-stage will be different with friends and family around?

Super: I do have some friends and family that are going to be there actually. So they’ll be rooting for me. So it’s just crazy.

Sinatraa, Super talk Shock vs. Titan OWL rivalry


How are you dealing with the pressure of the biggest game of the season?

Sinatraa: Yeah, I think just keeping the same routine as we did back in the Blizzard Arena all the time. Also everyone have fun during the games. Just keep playing like we do in scrims and don’t be nervous. If you let the crowd get to you and you get really nervous, you’re going to start playing really weird on-stage and then that’s when you start falling apart. Just making sure everyone’s calmed down and cool.

Super: I think we’ve learned from Stage 1, because in Stage 1 we had our finals against the Vancouver Titans.

Sinatraa: That was tragic.

Super: We definitely didn’t play to our highest standard because we knew from scrim results and going into the match, we were definitely confident that we were able to win. But it fell through because we didn’t play like we did in scrims. We were too nervous, too hype, and we lost. 

Sinatraa: But now we’re used to it because we’ve been to every stage final, that was the first stage final, so no one was used to it yet. But we’re good now.

A lot of Philadelphians have chosen to root for the Shock. How does it feel to have hometown support?

Sinatraa: I mean I’m sure it’s because we have English speakers too, so maybe that plays a part in it. It is crazy. I mean, I was hoping all the people would be our fans because if I get a pick on Doomfist or I get a kill then I want everyone to cheer and I want to hear it. That’s what I live for.

Super: Like I said, I’ve been to the Wells Fargo Center, so I know how loud it can get in the Wells Fargo Center. And I hope the Philly fans show up like they usually do and support us.


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