sinatraa is streaming again, wants to return to pro Valorant

Fariha Bhatti • May 20, 2021 9:20 pm

Jay “sinatraa” Won has already revealed his future plans soon after receiving a six-month suspension from Riot Games. 

Riot Games’ unexpected announcement that forbids sinatraa from pro Valorant play has just dropped, but the former Sentinels player is already back on Twitch. The 21-year-old is also eager to return to pro play after serving the suspension period. 

In the official verdict, Riot clarified that the punishment comes from sinatraa’s lack of coordination in its investigation. Due to his behaviour throughout the inquiry, the team couldn’t reach an official verdict regarding the original allegations of sexual abuse against him. However, he will still face six months of suspension for “misrepresenting certain facts, making false statements.” 

While the community had expected severe implications of this ruling, sinatraa has already returned to Twitch with a controversial announcement. During his stream, he revealed that he’d likely make a pro comeback after serving his suspension period and going through conduct training. The announcement comes as a surprise since the investigation is still underway as the matter has been referred to law enforcement. Riot Games also confirmed that the inquiry might open again in the future, depending on consequential findings. 

Following the events of March, sinatraa was omitted from the Sentinels roster. After the recent verdict, the player removed “pro Valorant for Sentinels” from his Twitter description but kept “content for Sentinels.” This means that he’s still under the organization’s banner as a content creator and implies a potential change in his contract with Sentinels. The player will likely spend the next six months creating content for Sentinels and could finally make a formal return to his previous spot on the team. 

sinatraa streams Valorant on Twitch after suspension

sinatraa’s hint at a pro return has ruffled quite many feathers among the fans and haters equally. Despite the controversy around the situation, his stream announcement was enough to rock the Valorant community. Thousands of viewers tuned in to watch him play Valorant on Twitch after the suspension announcement when he pointed at a potential return. The streamer garnered a peak viewership of almost 30,000 during his post-ruling stream, creating a new record for his Twitch channel. 

Is sinatraa banned from Valorant? 

Sentinels’ Valorant player sinatraa has been under Riot’s scrutiny for months now. While the investigation into his behavior hasn’t formally completed, the tournament organizer and developer has banned sinatraa for the next six months from pro Valorant for failing to cooperate with the investigation.


sinatraa banned from competitive Valorant for 6 months

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