Sigma’s first set of skins revealed in Overwatch PTR update

By Rebekah Drake


Aug 4, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Blizzard has updated the Overwatch PTR to reveal the unlockable skins for Sigma.

As with most heroes on their day of release, Sigma has a total of 10 additional cosmetics that can be obtained through loot boxes.

Four of them are simple recolors of his default skin, which come in blue, green, orange, and pink.

Sigma’s rare skins are similar to the common recolors but with more detail. The first, named Dr. De Kuiper after the character’s full name, adds golds and blacks to his outfit. The second rare skin shows him in his Talon uniform. The hero wears an eyeless mask over his face with his armor painted in the same red, black and white pattern of other Talon skins. Interestingly, it’s also the only skin which has Sigma wearing shoes.

Sigma skins pay homage to trailer, Talon


The last four skins are all legendary, and feature two designs with two color schemes each. One set, known as Asylum and Subject Sigma, have the character wearing the straight-jacket seen in his hero introduction video. The second set, called Oracle and Profit, have a more fantastical take on Sigma and are reminiscent of Moira’s Minister and Oasis skins.

The PTR update also includes Sigma’s 40 Overwatch League skins which are used in competition by the professional players and can be purchased by fans with Overwatch League tokens. There are no real surprises with the OWL skins, as Sigma bears their logo on his shoulder and wears the team’s colors.

Other cosmetics, including emotes, victory poses and sprays can also be viewed on the PTR. His sprays mostly pay homage to physics and astronomy, with references to Schrödinger’s cat and the first ever photo taken of a black hole.

It is not clear when Sigma will be available on live servers, but he is available now on the PTR.


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