Shroud shows off new OP wallbang on Icebox to lock down mid

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ tactical shooter has tons of secrets that almost feel like exploits. This new Icebox wallbang discovered by Michael “shroud” Grzesiek seems like a wall-hack. 

Valorant’s paper-thin walls can easily be exploited to get an advantage over opponents. There are various predictable points in-game that allow for smooth through-wall taps, that can soften up opponents or even net free kills. Some wallbangs are so spot-on that a casual player may even confuse them with a wallhack. In one of his recent streams, famous streamer shroud revealed an incredible headshot angle on map Icebox that can score players some easy kills.

Technically, Icebox is one of the most manageable maps to play as Defenders. Both the sites are based on a simple design, but the chilled location can become a menace if you fail to hold mid. The tube that leads to the kitchen is one of the easiest detours for attackers to manipulate the Icebox but shroud’s wallbang is the perfect remedy for sneaky attackers. 

The streamer tested this unique find with a friend on a practice server and shared it with viewers. To pick off attackers slithering in the tube, stand near B orange and place your aim on the pipe under the container. The key is to aim under the metal holder to get a perfect headshot angle. You can also align your crosshair with the line on the white area to find the ideal spot. 

The headshot angle works better if you have a powerful weapon like Guardian, Operator, or even Vandal. While it does appear to be convenient in practice server, players may want to spam quicker in ranked games. Enemies can easily dodge bullets and run through the tube, so it’s recommended to be more agile and less greedy. You may not want to stay on that spot in hopes of more kills, as attackers can easily trade you off. Either way, it’s a valuable tool for dealing damage and getting information.

Can you shoot through walls in Valorant?

There are tons of thin walls in Valorant that allow players to deal damage to opponents with well-placed bullets. While Valorant’s surfaces are generally easy to spam through, not every wall is susceptible to bullets. Wood and stone are easy to hammer through as they are comparatively fragile. Another way to test a spammable surface is to analyse bullet holes. Delicate materials will have larger cracks, confirming that they allow wallbangs. Some metal areas enable the bullets to pass through, but most walls are built with robust metal that blocks gunfire.


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