Shroud net worth

shroud net worth revealed after Twitch salary leaks

By Steven Rondina


Oct 10, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Everyone knew that Michael “shroud” Grzesiek was a successful streamer but it’s only now becoming clear how successful he is financially and how high his net worth might be.

Thousands of streamers saw their Twitch income leaked to the world following a massive data breach on the streaming site. Though there are many long-term implications to this security failure, the biggest thing that people wanted to know was how much money big names are actually making.

shroud is among the top earners on Twitch and has made a huge amount of money from his time on the platform. Though his full net worth wasn’t leaked, it certainly seems as though shroud is a multi-millionaire.

How much does shroud make?

The recent Twitch leak revealed that shroud has made about $2 million in the last year through the platform.

The leak covers payouts between September 2019 and October 2021 and reportedly includes money earned from subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue. shroud was the 25th highest-earning streamer during that time frame, bringing in $2,040,503.15.

While shroud being “only” 25th on the list may be a surprise, it’s actually an impressive feat. The two-year stretch includes 10 months of work on rival streaming platform Mixer and a month-long vacation.

That $2 million figure doesn’t account for all of shroud’s income, either. The Twitch leak only included money shroud made directly from Twitch and doesn’t cover sponsorships, merch sales, and other brand deals or activations. It also doesn’t account for any of the money shroud made from Mixer, which reportedly totaled $10 million, or from YouTube.

There have been conflicting testimonials regarding the numbers involved in this leak, with some streamers dismissing the numbers as inaccurate while others suggested they are legitimate. Twitch has acknowledged that a “security incident” occurred but gave no information regarding the alleged payouts to streamers.

How much money does shroud make per month?

shroud’s income is likely over $200,000 per month and over $2 million per year.

shroud made approximately $2 million within a 13-month span according to the massive Twitch leak, which averages out to over $150,000 per month. Estimates regarding shroud’s YouTube income vary between $30,000 and $50,000 per month in ad revenue. On top of this income are sponsorships, merch sales, and partnered content, such as shroud running sponsored streams to promote the launch of Apex Legends in 2019.

shroud during a stream on Twitch.

Exact figures can’t be estimated and shroud’s income likely fluctuates significantly based on activations and partnerships. However, all signs point to him being quite wealthy.

What is shroud’s net worth?

shroud’s net worth is likely around $10 million.

Though shroud’s spending habits and financial situation aren’t fully known, there are several notable sources regarding his income. Reports surrounding the death of Mixer suggested that shroud had made approximately $10 million during his 10 months with the platform. He returned to Twitch in August 2020 and made $2 million after roughly one year.

It’s uncertain how much money shroud made before leaving for Mixer, but he was firmly entrenched among the most popular streamers on Twitch. He has multiple partnerships with endemic companies such as Logitech and J!nx that likely generate significant cash.

shroud also seems to be living well within his means, sharing a residence with other former Counter-Strike pros for years. Though shroud has likely brought in significantly more than $10 million in his career at this point, the tax man also takes his cut.

All signs point to shroud being well-off financially. There are a variety of estimates regarding his net worth, ranging from $7 million to $20 million but the most likely landing spot is closer to $10 million.