Fifakill ban

Should Fifakill be banned on Twitch? Streamer causes debate

By Olivia Richman


Apr 10, 2022

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Call of Duty: Warzone content creator Ethan “Fifakill” Pink has been banned on Twitch, splitting the CoD community apart.

Fifakill is one of the most popular Call of Duty content creators on Twitch, as well as one of the scene’s highest earners. But on April 9, Fifakill was streaming for around 3,000 concurrent viewers when he suddenly went offline.

Fifakill tweeted soon after that he had apparently been banned from Twitch. At first, Fifakill had no clue as to what had happened. He even tweeted about his confusion. All it said on his Twitch channel was that he violated the platform’s community guidelines or terms of service, but it wasn’t initially clear what exactly he’d done.

But not everyone was as confused as Fifakill. While he seemed lost about the situation, many replied to his tweet with phallic symbols and memes. It seemed that they were aware of Twitch’s reason for banning FIfakill.

An hour later, Fifakill came back with a similar conclusion. He was apparently banned for posting an image of the “party sausage.” This action left Fifakill booted from Twitch for three days.

Call of Duty community questions Fifakill Twitch ban

While the reason behind Fifakill’s suspension could be seen as comical to some, others found it to be proof of Twitch’s inconsistent punishments and possible favoritism towards certain streamers. Some questioned why this silly meme joking about a part of the body would warrant a ban when some streamers are actually half-naked during their own streams.

Some Call of Duty fans even joked that Fifakill should consider hot tub streaming upon his return to Twitch. As the Call of Duty community awaits Fifakill’s return, many fans told him to “take it easy” and treat the three days as a much-deserved break.

What happened to Fifakill?

This latest Twitch ban isn’t the first controversy that Fifakill has been involved with. In the fall of 2021, Fifakill sent out a TwitLonger addressing some offensive tweets he had shared when he was 13. These old tweets included homophobic slurs, according to Fifakill’s TwitLonger.

Fifakill wrote that he wanted to show his support for the LGBTQ+ community by donating to a charity called Stonewall. This was done through a charity stream in an attempt to prove that he had changed since the tweets, which he claimed didn’t reflect his current feelings or the community he had built.


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