Shen and Karma joining LoL Wild Rift with patch 3.1

By Nicholas James


Mar 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 3.1 is making its way to League of Legends: Wild Rift, bringing Shen and Karma to the mobile adaptation of LoL.

Champions are frequently getting added to Wild Rift, which began with a partial selection of the massive MOBA’s playable characters at launch. Shen and Karma are the latest additions to Wild Rift, bringing two of Ionia’s most iconic champions onto mobile devices across the world.

Shen and Karma join LoL Wild Rift in patch 3.1

The highlight of Patch 3.01 is the arrival of the two new champions Shen and Karma.

Shen is a tanky top laner with incredible crowd control and the ability to protect his team. Karma is a classic enchanter, specializing in pokes as well as potent shielding with some light crowd control. Shen excels in auto-attack-focused lanes while Karma abuses tanky supports and immobile AD carries before becoming a massive utility boost in team fights.

Plenty of balance changes take place this patch, along with the Protectors of Ionia event and a new season of Wild Pass. Both of Shen and Karma will hit Wild Rift on March 24. Fans who place well in the fifth ranked season, which begins on March 26, will get to claim the Glorious Crimson Evelynn skin. If Evelynn isn’t your choice of champion, Glorious Jinx will be returning to the Ranked Store.

Wild Rift goes elemental in new mode

Wild Rift is finally catching up to its MOBA cousin by adding the terrain changes associated with the elemental drakes on the map. Only three of the elements will be included however, with Riot Games limiting the options to Ocean, Mountain, and Infernal. Neither of the Hextech or Chemtech drakes will be brought in, and Cloud has been removed to make the optional game mode more exciting.

More skins and accessories will also arrive on Wild Rift with this patch.


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