SF Shock sweep Titans to become OWL Season 2 champions

By Morten Marstal


Sep 29, 2019

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The San Francisco Shock defeated the Vancouver Titans to become the 2019 Overwatch League Season 2 champions.

The Shock started strong in the first map on Lijiang Tower. Jay “Sinatraa” Won exploded out of the gate with his Doomfist and got the ball rolling for San Francisco for the rest of the map. They took the first point easily but things were evenly matched on the second point. Hyojong “Hacksal” Kim and MinSoo “SeoMinSoo” Seo took the majority of the kills, scoring a key triple kill and quadruple kill, respectively.

Map two on Eichenwalde saw a switch in players, as Minho “Architect” Park and DonJun “Rascal” Kim were subbed in to play. Their Bastion-Mei combo proved successful for moving the point forward. The duo moved in perfect tandem, and were given great extra sustainability from Myeong-hwan “Smurf” Yoo’s Orisa. The Titans answered on offense and forced overtime, but ultimately fell to 0-2 in the series.

On Anubis things got hairy for the Shock. The Titans managed to bank extra time on the map and almost prevented the Shock from taking point two. In overtime, Sinatraa showed his flexibility and switched to Mei to capture the second point. The Shock then went on to deny the Titans from winning on point two to advance to match point.

The final map saw Architect back on Bastion, and it worked well for the team. The Shock were able to push the payload all the way to the end and had very decisive fights leading up to the second choke. They weren’t able to push all the way to the end though, and that allowed the Shock to claim the Season 2 Grand Finals Championship.

The Shock had an amazing season with three out of every four matches ending in a 4-0 result. They attribute their success in the playoffs to the loss they suffered from the Atlanta Reign that sent them to the lower bracket. They swept their way through the competition to claim their title.

Shock owner Andy Miller said the C9 against the Reign gave them the extra playtime they needed to get better and ultimately win Grand Finals.


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