Secret hole on Ascent can help damage enemies across doors

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ascent’s automatic doors can be annoying in post-plant situations but a secret tip could help you damage enemies even when they’re bolted.

Riot Games has distinguished each Valorant map from another with unique scenery, upbeat themes, and a feature that introduces a new mechanic to the game. For Ascent, the developer rolled in automatic doors that heavily impact after-plant situations.

Players have discovered a way to play around these loud doors that provide massive advantages to enemies holding an angle.

The doors are a great addition to the game but its audible sound cue can be an omen of death. Players who press the activation key are often at a significant disadvantage as an enemy on the other side can hold the angle and get a quick kill as soon as the door opens. In an after-plant situation, it’s insanely overpowered as the entire attacker protocol locks the door angle as soon as it starts to slide open. This new tip allows defenders to do some damage and distract enemies before tinkering with the door.

Turns out, the tall door has a small opening on the top which can move utility through it. The tiny hole can equip smaller items like Raze’s nades, Sova’s dart, and Viper molotov. This can be useful in lower-and high-ranked games, as players can render heavy damage without giving away their position. To successfully pass your utility through the small opening, ensure your crosshair is on top of the hole. Otherwise, the equipment will fire back and might end up damaging your teammates.

For example, if you’re a defender stuck in a garden after the Spike has been planted, you can clear space before opening gates. Raze’s grenade would go through the hole and drop on the corners of the doors, a common angle that attackers hold after activating the Spike. This will heavily injure the enemies and might even get you multiple kills if the enemies are already low.

Sova’s dart through the hole can garner valuable intel for the retake. Whether you’re moving in from haven or doors, you can use this opening to send the arrow and reveal the enemy position. Combining dart and grenades will achieve incredible results in higher-ranked games. This tiny hole can be a game-changer when used correctly. It also benefits attackers taking control of point A who want to damage the agents camping in gardens.