Rocket League Season 15 Rocket Pass

Season 15 Rocket Pass rewards revealed

By Olivia Richman


May 31, 2024

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Rocket League Season 15 is bringing a brand new Rocket Pass with explosive cosmetics for players. On top of the new LTMs, stadium updates, and demolition audio upgrades, gamers are always excited to wrap their cars and show off their skills on the field.

There are 70 tiers in the Season 15 Rocket Pass, and you’ll unlock exclusive and exciting cosmetics as you reach certain tiers.

Season 15 Rocket Pass rewards

Rocket League Season 15 has some awesome new rewards for gamers looking to grind the Rocket Pass. A lot of the more enticing cosmetics are focused on music this time around.

If you purchase the Premium Rocket Pass, there are some extra exciting cosmetics to unlock. This includes the Nissan Fairlady Z or Nissan Fairlady Z RLE as well as the Mosher Boost and Rock On Antenna, which will “open up the pit.” The SharpTongue Antenna and the Punk Boot Topper offer some grunge style to your car. You can also add the Punked Wheels to further show off your independent style.

⁠⁠Added the official Season 15 notes: “If these Premium rewards are hitting the right notes for you, the Power Chord Goal Explosion will be a beam of light!Crank the celebrations to 11 with the takeover Vol. 11 Goal Explosion that’ll make the pitch a punk scene.”

Season 15 updates in Rocket League

On top of the Rocket Pass and its rewards, there are some notable updates in Season 15. This includes:

  • Salty Fest: Salty Shores is getting a stadium and skate park, looking a bit like a festival instead of an empty beach
  • New Music: EDM and punk rock music from Monstercat artists Mazare and Dead Pony is coming to Rocket League Radio, along with other new rock-inspired tracks
  • LTMs: A lot of LTMs are coming to Season 15, including Eggstra Special Mode, G-Force Frenzy, and Gridiron
  • Demolition Audio Updates: To go along with the music theme of Season 15, demolition audio has been “tweaked” so it’s easier to detect when other players have “gone up in smoke” thanks to “supersonic collision” sounds

Get ready to rock come June 5, 2024.


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