Santorin will miss first week of LCS Lock In, Armao to replace

By Christian Vejvad


Jan 13, 2021

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Another team has been affected by visa issues ahead of the first LCS Lock In tournament. This time it’s Team Liquid and jungler Lucas “Santorin” who will be delayed. 

It will be a rough start for Liquid at the upcoming LCS Lock In tournament, as its new star jungler Santorin won’t be making it for the first week. Santorin is currently stuck in Denmark waiting for his visa to arrive. According to Santorin, his visa has been approved but he won’t be able to make it in time for the LCS Lock In that starts on January 15. 

Replacing the Danish jungler is Jonathan “Armao” Armao, who has a lot of experience with teams including Team SoloMid and Dignitas. Armao, who was previously known as Grig, has been playing in the Academy scene since last year but will look to find his old form from his days as the starting jungler on TSM. 

“Santorin will not be playing during Week 1 of the LCS Lock In Tournaments due to delays in visa approval,” Team Liquid said. “We will be starting Armao for this weekend.”

Armao and the rest of Liquid will face off against CLG in its first game of 2021. CLG has also been affected by visa issues and will also be missing players for the LCK Lock In. CLG will be playing without starting jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen and top laner Finn “Finn” Wiestål. To replace the two Europeans are Ryan “Keel” Keel in the jungle and the experienced Colin “Solo” Earnest up top. 

Santorin is expected to join Liquid for the second week of the Lock In tournament. Broxah and Finn’s arrival date with CLG is still unknown. 


How old is Santorin?

Santorin is 23 years old and has been in the competitive League of Legends scene since 2013. Santorin was one of the first young European players to travel to North America to compete. He started out on Cloud9 Eclipse and slowly played his way up through the ranks. Almost six years later, he signed with one of the biggest organizations in the region in Team Liquid. 

What role does Santorin play? 

Santorin is a jungler and has been throughout his whole career. His job is to keep track of the enemy jungler and keep up vision throughout the game, while he tries to help out his lanes by ganking. Santorin is known for playing aggressive champions such as Lee Sin and is one of the most experienced players in his field at this point.


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