Sales and store changes coming to League of Legends

Milo Webb • January 7, 16:53

League of Legends is implementing an overhaul to the way sales and discounts will function in 2019.

Along with all the big changes coming to ranked play in the new year, Riot Games is revamping the League of Legends shop. The game’s developer will be focusing on popular elements such as the “Your Shop” feature, event passes, and the Essence Emporium. Some aspects of the existing discount system may then see removal. Riot stated in an update that the main goal of the revision is to increase the total amount of content that is consistently on sale.

Riot Games promises that every Monday at least 20 items will go on sale across the League of Legends storefront. The focus of these discounts will shift to newer products instead of the current system which chooses discounted items seemingly at random. That being said, Riot assured fans that older champions and cosmetics will still be featured during sales.

Riot is also continuing the more recently developed Essence Emporium, and is promising to schedule at least two such events each year. Essence Emporiums were introduced in 2017, and allow players to use their accumulated blue essence currency to purchase unique offerings. Past examples include the Urfwick skin for Warwick.

Another focus of the new system is event passes. These function as a paid boost allowing players to receive additional in-game missions that earn them currency during a given event. An event pass was first made available during the 2018 World Championship. Rewards included themed chromas, wards, emotes, and a special prestige version of the K/DA Kai’Sa skin.

These sales will be listed on the store’s front page below the “popular items” section. This will replace the sale schedule announcements which have traditionally been listed on the League of Legends website’s news feed. Also removed will be the regular monthly bundles that combined several related items together, such as similarly themed champions, skins, and wards.

Riot Games has promised to implement these changes in the first few months of 2019 and will be keeping a close eye on feedback from players.


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