Sage revive bug

Sage’s bug that prevents resurrection still exists in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

An old Sage bug that blocks her revive is rare, but it still exists in Valorant. 

Earlier, players discovered a weird bug that undermines Sage’s ability to resurrect teammates. Many encountered a strange blockage in Sage’s ultimate that prevented her from reviving teammates. Since she’s the only healer in the roster as of now, this bug was quite a game-breaker. Still, players let go of it since it was scarce. But the bug has now returned, blocking crucial revives. 

A player named Meerretti highlighted the nightmarish bug in Valorant map Breeze where Sage couldn’t use her ultimate throughout the round. It looked eerily similar to a glitch noted by players in March. Upon resurrecting, it would appear as if an invisible wall stands between the corpse and Sage. 

Walls and objects sometimes have hitboxes that hinder ability usage, especially in Omen and Sage’s cases. This particular instance could be because the body was on a higher wall. However, other players confirmed that the glitch also happened on plain turfs.

Fracture, Split, and Ascent are a few maps named where Sage was hit with the same error. Even in this case, the body was in plain sight yet Sage couldn’t use her ultimate. 

What triggers Sage revive bug?

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It’s unknown what triggers this bug, but many have a simple solution. One of the ways to minimize the chances of this glitch appearing is to turn off corpse visibility.

Instead of dead bodies, you’ll see an icon to revive on the kill location. Many professional players have their corpse projection adjusted for similar reasons. It’s not the best solution, but it’s worth a shot to put Sage’s Ressurection to good use instead of running into invisible blocks for the rest of the game. 

How to disable corpses in Valorant

It’s recommended to turn off corpses in Valorant for a detailed map view and an easily readable icon. Here’s how you can remove corpse visibility. 

  • Press escape and click on settings
  • Click on general and scroll down 
  • Find “show corpse” under the “others” tab 
  • Turn the show corpse option off