Ross O’Donovan is set to eat 139,000 eggs in Final Fantasy XIV

By Steven Rondina


Jul 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

One of Final Fantasy XIV’s quirkier accomplishments is getting kicked up several notches.

Artist and streamer Ross “RubberNinja” O’Donovan is going to host a sub-a-thon on Twitch this week. The event will be a reimagining of his 2020 adventure where he ate a full stack of boiled eggs in Final Fantasy XIV, dedicating an hour of his life to eating a full stack of boiled eggs in the game, 999 in total. But Ross is upping the ante in 2021 with a new event. He described it at the 1:58:00 mark of his most recent stream.

Instead of eating 999, he’ll eat a full backpack of boiled egg stacks. That totals over 139,000 boiled eggs. He’ll also be added another stack of eggs for every 1,000 subs he gets during the marathon streaming.

The eggy buffet will only last for a few days, even if there isn’t enough time for him to clear his massive plate. Ross noted that even though he has 139,000 boiled eggs lined up, he will only be able to eat them until the following Friday night due to other obligations. During the stream, he will only be allowed to eat meals that include eggs.

Notably, Ross is taking steps to avoid carpal tunnel issues from mashing the same buttons hundreds of thousands of time within a few days. Instead of using a mouse and keyboard, or even a controller, he set up a voice-to-input system on his PC where saying “om nom,” “egg,” and a number of other things will cause him to consume an egg.

Fans who are wanting to get in on the action can find it all on Ross’ Twitch stream.

What server does Ross O’Donovan play on in Final Fantasy XIV?

Ross’ primary Final Fantasy XIV server is Malboro, where his character is named Rubber Ross. He has hit level 80 as a Paladin and level 70 as a Ninja. He is a member of The Rubber Band free company. His profile can be found on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.


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