Roguelike Have A Nice Death is coming to Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for roguelikes, and Have A Nice Death is the newest example headed to the handheld.

Magic Design Studios didn’t go mainstream with its first release in 2019, but the Gearbox developer has hit a new stride with Have A Nice Death. The charming roguelike made a splash when it was first released on Steam in March of 2022, quickly garnering attention thanks to its quirky art style, extensive gameplay options, and bombastic boss battles. Now the title is headed to Switch, and it’s coming out sooner rather than later.

Release date for Have A Nice Death on Nintendo Switch

The planned release date for Have A Nice Death on Nintendo Switch is March 22, 2023. 

Developer Magic Design Studios and Nintendo confirmed the release date for the game in November of last year, where Have A Nice Death got a new trailer showing off finalized gameplay. 

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The Switch version of the roguelike will not contain any new content exclusively for the platform, but it will bring all of the polish that Magic Design has added over the past year. The Switch release is just a few weeks over a year since the initial release, so Nintendo fans can experience the full game free of any bugs. Of course, there may be some new ones introduced by the new platform.

What kind of game is Have A Nice Death?

Have A Nice Death is a roguelike game where the player controls Death on their quest to wrangle up their employees and get the back to work.

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Mechanically, the game follows most roguelike trends with different power-ups and weapons that players can acquire. These reset at the end of every run, making every try at the game unique. There are also legacy progression systems that give players a stronger start as they progress through the game. Have A Nice Death isn’t a groundbreaking addition to the genre, but it’s a great game to take on the go with the Nintendo Switch.