Rocket League’s Fennec finally has esports decals

By Nick Johnson


Feb 2, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Rocket League’s February 1 update has all the makings of a fan favorite. Among some quality of life changes to Season 2, the incredibly popular game surprised fans by adding the ability for players to decal the Fennec, one of the game’s most popular cars.

Readers unfamiliar with Rocket League’s cars might not understand why this is a huge deal. But to the game’s highly-skilled player base, the Fennec is a must-have. And until today, it was the only car that couldn’t be customized with decals from the game’s popular esports teams.

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Rocket League changes Esports Store, lets players decal Fennec in February update

Since its release in 2019, the Fennec has become one of two cars considered top-tier by the game’s esports professionals and players at the top of Rocket League’s ladders. That’s for one simple reason. The car’s hitboxes, used by the game to determine which direction that Rocket League’s famous ball bounce off towards, are almost perfectly in line with the car’s visual model.

While some of Rocket League’s cars have hitboxes that aren’t anything like what the player can see, the Fennec’s precision collision means that players can score, pass, and win more consistently. But despite its popularity, the Fennec had a serious downside: Players couldn’t customize it with esports decals, Rocket’s League’s version of stickers.

In a game where players are their car, it was a frustrating restriction. Now that frustration is gone.

The decals are available with the game’s February 1 patch and things got even better for fans of Rocket League esports. Along with the Fennec changes, the update introduced a new version of its Esports Shop, a section of the game’s in-game store that offers Rocket League’s microtransactions based on its popular esports teams.

Before the February 1 update, the Esports Shop only offered a few choices of randomly rotating options. Think of the Esports Shop as similar to the in-game stores in Valorant and Apex Legends, where items come and go without any warning. But after the patch, players can search for any of the game’s esports decals and buy them whenever they want. No more waiting for a special decal or team to show up in the random rolls.

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Rocket League developer Psyonix announced that there were a number of different decals available for the Fennec inside the Esports Store, removing two points of player frustration in one midseason patch.

Recently, the Hot Wheels-meets-soccer cooperative game ditched its $20 price tag and went free-to-play when it moved off Steam and to the Epic Games store. More changes came in December when Rocket League released its first battle pass, called “Rocket Pass,” for players to purchase and earn. Available for 1000 Rocket League credits, players can purchase the pass for around $10.00 USD.

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How do you get the Fennec in Rocket League?

Unfortunately for new players, the Fennec isn’t available to buy outright in Rocket League. But the popular car is available in two ways for newer players that want to take it out for a spin. 

One option players can choose is crafting the Fennec by using one of the game’s blueprints handed out at random after matches. Sadly, there’s no guarantee that the blueprint will drop, so trading for the Fennec is the better option. Several websites, including popular fan site, connect players looking to buy and sell Rocket League items.

As a last resort, players can wait and see if they get lucky in the Rocket League item shop. Just remember that only the Esports Shop offers all of its items at once. Rocket League’s regular item shop is still random, so there’s no telling how long it will take until players see the coveted car.


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