Riot still wants to nerf “run and gun” accuracy in Valorant

Fariha Bhatti • June 21, 2021 1:58 pm

Subpar gunplay being overly rewarded has been a hot topic among Valorant players for some time now. The game’s developers at Riot Games have improved the overall shooting experience by some margin, but erratic and sometimes overly effective gunning while running remains an issue. 

After tweaking the game’s weapons in search of a fix for accurate shooting while running and walking in patch 2.02, the developer is now looking to tackle the issue with even greater resolve. Valorant lead designers Max Grossman and Sal Garozzo have revealed that the problem is still under the developer’s scrutiny. 

“While we believe that there are certain situations that moving and shooting should be powerful, it is currently more potent than we’d like,” the pair said. 

How accurate is shooting while running in Valorant?

Tuning Valorant’s gunplay has been on Riot Games’ radar since the release. Players coming in from classic tactical shooters want a more similar feel to games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which requires a high skill level and the mastery of specific spray patterns. However, accurate shooting while running has been a nuisance for sharp aimers who get shot down by players they believe are less talented in ranked games.

Recently, Riot designers have revealed that fixes for running and gunning are on the cards. Riot Games previously increased the amount of error that all rifles get when moving and shooting to help combat the sensation of running kills with rifles. However, players were still complaining about dying to Shotguns at both close and long range. This should change in Episode 3. 

“Walk Shooting (not Run Shooting) has been reasonably accurate in VALORANT, allowing players to get off semi-accurate shots even at mid-range. With the changes to walk accuracy, shooting while walking will be significantly less effective at medium ranges, rewarding players who proactively stop before they shoot,” the developer said.

Riot has previously insisted that “run and gun” can be helpful if viable in certain situations. The new changes coming in Episode 3 will also fix up the accuracy while maintaining “some of their identity in terms of mobility.” Therefore, the tweaks may reduce the erratic sprays and shootouts in long and mid-range, but close-range duels may remain the same. 

When is Valorant Episode 2 coming?

Valorant Episode 3 Act I will be dropping on June 22. The brand new episode will deliver the new initiator agent Kay/O, who is expected to transform the current meta. The act will also bring a massive economic rework, changes to gunplay, and “harsh” changes to player ranks. All of this will enter Valorant on June 22 along with a new battle pass for players to grind through over the next two months. 



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