Riot says accidental Jett nerfs won’t be fixed until patch 3.09

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Jett has been nerfed significantly in patch 3.08, but Riot Games has confirmed that the nerf was not intentional. 

Valorant duelists are prized for the aggressive kits that help them to pick the first point of contact with the enemy team. Jett quickly became the default duelist across most maps due to her fast-paced play style backed by her ability to dash in, draft up, and fly around freely. However, the most recent Valorant patch takes out a significant chunk of her agility. 

After the release of patch 3.08, players noticed that weapon equip time post-dash was increased. Previously, the agent would instantly switch to her gun after dashing forward, but now a new equip animation has been added that makes her slower on the draw. With this delay, she can no longer burst towards armed enemies as bravely as she could before. 

Her toolkit price range has also seen a significant nerf. Previously, the Updraft ability was priced at 150 creds, but the patch has boosted its cost to 200 creds. Initially, players thought that Jett had been secretly nerfed, but the developer clarified that this was unintentional. The duelist doesn’t need nerfs as of now, and these issues are actually bugs. 

When will Jett nerf bugs get fixed? 

Riot Games has responded to the unintended bugs that have significantly nerfed the duelist agent. The developer has said that a fix is underway, but that it won’t be delivered anytime soon. According to Riot Games, the current bugs aren’t game-breaking enough to require a hotfix, so players must until patch 3.09 for Jett to get fixed. 

While this is unfortunate news for Jett mains, many players support this nerf as a longer term solution for Jett’s dominance. The duelist agent has become an instant pick duelist across the game’s maps due to her insanely powerful kit. Players believe that this nerf better balances her kit while ensuring that she remains a viable part of the roster. 

It’s doubtful Riot Games will consider this response and keep her nerfed. Jett will get her fixes soon enough. Until then, players can experiment around with other duelists. A significant change in agent pick rate is also expected as price changes heavily impact higher ELO games.