Riot reveals new Valorant game mode named Replication

By Olivia Richman


May 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant is getting a new game mode.

Fans of the tactical shooter got a sneak peak of the upcoming “Replication” game mode on Valorant’s official Twitter on Saturday.

In the clip, players first hear footsteps getting closer and closer. Then, circles appear on the map. Circles made of a dust-like material drop onto those targeted spots until viewers are unable to see. It initially seems to be Breach’s Sky Smoke but instead of three smoke clouds, the clip shows more than 10 smokes squeezed on the map, hence the name Replication. 

Footsteps can be heard trudging quickly through the water. A player appears in first-person, setting down the spike amidst all of the smoke circles. 

What is Valorant game mode Replication?

Since the tweet, there hasn’t been any further information released about Replication but developers noted that it is “coming soon.” This means more information will most likely be on its way ahead of the game mode’s release. 

The reaction has been mixed in response to Riot’s initial announcement. A lot of fans have called the game mode “cursed” based on the short video, most likely fearing multiple people playing the same agent and dealing with even more of their abilities. Others are worried it could mean agents’ abilities are amplified, another possibly stressful experience for certain players. 

“Will we be able to ban agents like Raze or Jett? Otherwise, I’ll pass,” a tweet read, already panicking about the possibilities of Replication. 

The majority of responses have been from fans feeling underwhelmed about a new game mode existing at all. In response, players asked developers to focus on ranked, weapon balancing, and other lingering issues instead. The common fear is that the game mode will cause issues with players’ FPS. 

“So you can create a new game mode in basically no time that no one asked for but you can’t do a team ranked mode. Wow…” one player replied on Twitter. 


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