Riot reveals new skin plans for the remainder of 2020

Christian Vejvad • September 10, 20:24

Riot Games has provided a big update on skins for the remainder of 2020 in a new dev post. 

Riot has been releasing more skins each year and is planning to continue that trend. In the recent dev post, it was announced that Riot is expecting to exceed its goal for new skins through 2020. The original goal was to create 120 new skins, but it looks like the number will be closer to 140 by the end of the year. This is around a 40% increase from last year, when Riot shipped just under 100 new skins. 

The biggest goal for 2020 was to make new skins for champions who haven’t gotten any for a while. The list is almost completed by now, only missing Nautilus, Skarner, and Ornn. 

Since Riot has released skins at such a rapid pace, they will be extending the list by adding eight new champions that will receive a skin before the end of 2020 if everything goes as planned. The list includes low play rate champions such as Ivern, Anivia, and Singed. 

New skins for Singed, Aurelion Sol, Zac, and Lee Sin

Riot has already unveiled a few of the new skins that we should expect to see in the game very soon. This will be particularly exciting for players who main more niche champions such as Singed and Aurelion Sol, two champions whose skin previews are already available for viewing.


Aurelion Sol


Riot will also put focus on more popular champions in the coming months, including a new legendary skin for Lee Sin. The skin will give Lee Sin a storm dragon look with a blue theme that could end up delivering some cool new in-game animations. 

Lee Sin

The new skins are expected to hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon for testing purposes. 


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