Riot reveals Mythic items and new item shop for next LoL season

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Riot recently revealed more information about the upcoming item overhaul for the 2021 preseason. The new update will include Mythic items and a number of new normal items as well. 

One month ago, Riot shared a first look into its preseason plans. They revealed a complete item overhaul that will add more diversity into different roles. In this most recent announcement, Riot shared information about Mythic items, which will be the biggest part of the item update. 

According to Riot, fans can look forward to minor updates on a third of the existing items, while another third will remain similar but be improved. The final third will be replaced with entirely new items. 

Mythic items for League of Legends

Mythic items will be a new addition to League of Legends. The items will be the cornerstone of builds, with big effects that will define builds and playstyle. It will only be possible to wield one mythic item at a time, so players will have to choose carefully. 

Each Mythic item grants unique bonus stats to other items in the build, which means that the item will affect the whole build entirely. 

In the recent video, Riot presented a few of the upcoming mythical items for marksmen. 

Crimson Shieldbow

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Crimson Shieldbow provides all key stats that a marksman needs in the likes of damage, attack speed, critical chance, and life steal. The passive will give the player a shield and life steal when going below 30% health. This will help squishy marksmen in games with assassins on the opposing team or other sorts of burst damage. 

The mythic passive will empower other legendary items with armor and magic resist, providing overall tankiness to the build.  

Behemoth Slayer

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Behemoth Slayer will be the item for every hyper carry who has enough protection from teammates. The item gives a ton of extra damage for every third attack, which will be perfect for marksmen such as Caitlyn, Ashe, and Jinx. 

The mythic passive gives extra critical strike damage to other legendary items, which will make crit builds hit very hard. 


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Galeforce will help immobile champions to be a bit safer in important team fights. The active gives a short dash, as well as magic damage to the lowest health nearby enemy. The raw stats are similar to the Behemoth Slayer, but this item will be a safer choice. 

Riot will be adding AP bruiser items

AP bruisers has been forces to build off of mage items for a long time, but Riot is looking to change that. A series of AP bruiser items will be added to the game in the 2021 preseason update, giving champions such as Mordekaiser and Sylas better build options. 

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Riot gave a sneak peek to one of these AP bruiser items in the form of the Cursed Demonhelm. The item will give a bunch of ability power and health, which are the two most important stats for most AP bruisers. 

The passive, Azakana’s Embrace, does a percentage of the target’s maximum health when applied. 

New item shop interface for 2021 preseason

Lastly, Riot is giving the in-game item shop a new and improved interface. The goal is to make it easier to use and give players more options depending on preference. Players will be able to use the recommended item tab for guidance, or the all items tab for more experienced players. 

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The preseason update is expected to hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon.


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