Riot promises improvements to Clash, top lane impact soon

By Marta Juras


Feb 2, 2020

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Riot Games teased improvements to Clash, an increase in the impact of top laners, and minor adjustments to Teamfight Tactics.

The League of Legends publisher spelled out some of its future plans for the game in the latest Dev Corner. Top laners of higher skill levels have been complaining about how little they can do to carry a game, and Riot is looking to address that problem as soon as possible.

Significant top lane buffs incoming in future LoL update

Top lane is rarely selected as the preferred position in higher levels of solo queue.

Riot attempted to fix this issue by turning up the importance of the lane with pre-season changes. Earlier and more frequent spawning of the Rift Herald was meant to to move the objective focus towards river top side. An increase in solo lane experience should’ve helped too.

Now a few weeks into the season, it’s looking like those changes didn’t make enough of an impact. Though Herald is an important objective in the game, skilled players feel top lane isn’t impactful enough to be a worthy pick. The developer decided to work more towards fixing this issue, and has announced a buff to top lane influence in the near future, likely towards the end of February.

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Planned improvements to Clash

Riot is also taking players’ feedback into consideration and looking to further improve Clash with a number of features including a three-game minimum for teams and an improved UI. All of the newly planned improvements should be ready for the official launch of the in-game tournament matchmaker.

With a double-elimination bracket, some teams could be eliminated in as few as two games. However, to give everyone the same experience, a new system will be put in place that allows each participating team to play three matches.

The developer is also investing its efforts towards bringing more players to Clash. Riot is working on ways to help out players that struggle to find teams, are hesitant to play in a tournament setting, or simply don’t know about Clash. Additionally, there are plans to give players greater, more accessible information regarding the scheduling of their games.

Finally, there are light changes coming to Teamfight Tactics this February as well. Fans can also start getting excited for TFT’s mobile launch next month.


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