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Riot pays tribute to “revive me Jett” player in new battle pass

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 27, 2022

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Riot Games has immortalized the fallen Valorant fan who gave birth to the legendary “revive me Jett” meme. 

Valorant is ripe with popular references that connect players to one another, but few get the developer’s attention. “Revive me Jett” is one of the few memes to officially make it into the game in the form of a spray. Sadly, the meme’s creator is no longer alive to watch the community share laughs over his impact. Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 will now pay homage to legendary player Finest, who created the hilarious “revive me Jett” meme. 

Riot pays tribute to Revive me Jett player 

Riot Games is paying tribute to the creator of the unforgettable Revive me Jett meme. The developer already released a skin referencing the meme. Now the developer is rolling out a card to help players keep Finest in their thoughts. 

The entire Valorant community mourned the death of the iconic player when his mother announced it on April 10. Finest’s friends confirmed his passing, leaving fans heartbroken. The reason for his death was kept unclear, but his mother’s post hinted that he may have suffered from a serious illness.

Finest became a legend in the Valorant community overnight after his brief clip asking to be revived went viral. The player was nagging the team’s duelist, Jett, to use her ultimate to resurrect him. The funny bit was the fact that Jett can’t revive teammates. Sage is the only agent in Valorant who can pull off a resurrection. Thus, players found Finest’s constant demand for a revival hilarious.

Finest’s “Revive me Jett” request quickly became a catchphrase, spreading among Valorant players. In no time, it became a widespread meme that almost every Valorant player understood. Riot couldn’t help but add the iconic meme into the game in the form of a spray where Jett was looking at revive orb in confusion.

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When Finest passed in April, the community urged Riot to pay tribute of some kind. The developer has now done just that in the upcoming Valorant Episode 4 Act 3. The battle pass will include a player card with the tag “Finest.” Players can unlock this banner and remember Finest by equipping the card. 

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 will bring in brand new agent Fade, the RGX 11z Pro 2 bundle, and a shiny new battle pass featuring Finest’s card.