Riot introduces new buzzing skins on PBE for Ziggs, Nunu, more

By Christian Vejvad


Feb 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New buzzing skins for League of Legends have just hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE), as Riot Games is releasing a new batch of popular bee skins. 

The new round of skins will include four new cosmetics, with Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Nunu, and Orianna taking the spotlight this time around. All four champions have transitioned into their own bee theme and will without a doubt sting their opponents when entering Summoner’s Rift in their new bee suits. 

Not only will the appearance of the champions be different with these skins, but new memes will likely also arise with the new names that Riot has come up with for these skins. Players will welcome BZZZiggs, Heimerstinger, Orbeeanna, and Nunu & Beelump. 

These new skins will be joining an already existing theme, which currently includes Bee’Maw, Beezahar, Yuubee, Beemo, and lastly Beekeeper Singed. All these skins have proven themselves to be popular, which has ultimately led Riot to continue the skin line.

Here are the new League of Legends bee skins

The new bee skins in League of Legends might seem like a meme at first, but a closer look reveals some cool and interesting effects in the game. All of the skins are made in yellow honey colors, with every champion making their own best bee impression. 

Orianna will be showcased in a bee costume while her ball will have the looks of a bee and even contain a small bee inside it, according to her splash art. Ziggs will act as a bee bombardier throwing honey, flower, and bee bombs.  

For Heimerdinger, he will be Summoner’s Rift’s bee master placing bee turrets that shoot out honey. Lastly, Nunu will be riding on Willump who has been turned into a big bee monster. Instead of snowballs, Willump will now be using a honey ball that gets bigger as he rolls it along. 

Heimerstinger & BZZZiggs

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Nunu & Beelump

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The new skins will be available for testing on PBE over the next few weeks before ultimately hitting live servers. The expected release date for the skins will be the release of new patch 12.5 in March.


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