Riot hotfixes game-breaking Rek’Sai bug with new update

Olivia Richman • September 22, 2020 8:09 pm

Riot Games developers have quickly fixed a game-breaking bug on League of Legends jungle champion Rek’Sai.

The League of Legends champion became the worst jungler in the game thanks to a bug introduced by patch 10.19. Even though developers meant to fix her in the patch, Rek’Sai was left even worse off than before the update. A glitch that made her cooldown for the “unborrowed” ability not tick down was accidetnally carried over to her Burrowed form. After that change, it took long for both of Rek’Sai’s ability sets to cool down, crippling the champion.

This bug had League of Legends fans wondering if Rek’Sai would be banned from play at the 2020 World Championship. 

As concern with Rek’Sai continued to mount, Riot developers pushed out a hotfix. 

Riot fixes Rek’Sai, hopes to improve jungle win rate

Before the fix, the bug had a major effect on Rek’Sai’s win rate in the jungle. She was at an all-time low of just 40% in solo queue. Now that Rek’Sai’s is looking to be fixed up and back to normal, the champion is expected to have a much better win rate. 

While Rek’Sai’s win rate is expected to improve in solo queue, she most likely won’t see much play in the competitive scene entering Worlds 2020. Instead, we may see Shen make some appearances in the jungle, as well as Sylas. 

After the latest patch, Irelia is also more likely to see Summoner’s Rift. Renekton is similarly likely to appear after he was a consistent pick in the LPL and LEC playoffs finals. Sett will also continue to be popular after avoiding a nerf in the latest patch. For support, expect to see Bard and Thresh, while Pantheon has been getting some play as well.


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