Riot hotfix addresses bug that let players ride Sova’s dart across

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sova players in Valorant have been exploiting a hilarious dart bug and Riot Games has finally shut down the trolls. The rocket dart bug has now been fixed.

Valorant players recently discovered a weird glitch in the game, which lets them ride Sova’s dart to different corners of the map. Unfortunately for the trolls, the developer has already patched up the broken bow and arrow.

On June 7, a Valorant player shared a hilarious clip where he jumped on top of teammates’ Intel Bolt and rode towards the other end of the map. At first, the clip seemed like a lucky one-time thing, but many players tried out the movement in their servers and managed to replicate it. The bug quickly went viral and became a popular meme among the Valorant players.

Despite being hilarious, the movement bug required plenty of effort and skill. Not everyone was able to successfully time their jumps atop the bolt, so Sova players were flexing their months of practice with insane bolt clips. Many players were using the bug to boost their own hops while others exploited it with the help of friends.

While it’s a funny bug, it can be a viable mechanic for someone who’s a good aimer and has practiced running and gunning. Players can fly through vast areas and take enemies by surprise, shooting them down with weapons like Odin, Judge, and more. Considering the seriousness of the bug, the developer quietly took notice and patched it up.

Many players reported that the bug is no more functional in ranked queues. Sova’s dart has returned to a simple intel-gathering tool, and it doesn’t act as a carrier anymore. The developer has deactivated the bug, but the players had a great time while it lasted. This wasn’t the first time Sova’s kit got trolled among the players. Previously, his owl was glitched into a plane that could carry the players. The fact that his bolt can still attach to other players’ abilities is quite hilarious as well.

How to fly on Sova’s dart in Valorant?

Sova’s dart bug has been deactivated but it was pretty tricky to ride on the dart successfully. With the help of a teammate and a lot of communication, you may have been able to fly atop his dart by perfectly timing your jump. Unfortunately, the developer has patched up the weird glitch and players can no longer travel through areas on Sova’s bolt. 


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