Riot Games teases new LoL champion, likely a tank support

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 21, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

While 2020 is coming to an end, Riot still has one champion left to be released and a new teaser suggests that it is close. 

The teaser shows a quick glimpse of what seems to be a weapon. The weapon, which appears to be a lance, likely belongs to the new champion . This lance was already teased in a splash art Riot made for the new in-game shop. The lance appears in the background of that picture and it most likely won’t be the last time that it appears. 

The teaser also includes a quote saying “Hurt someone enough, and they just might hurt you back,” which instantly got fans to speculate. The quote sounds like the new champion might have an ability that can reflect damage, like Rammus’ Defensive Ball Curl or the Bramble Vest item passive. 

LoL shop

Who is the new League of Legends champion?

It’s still unknown what the new champion looks like and what his or her name is. The new addition was already teased on Riot’s champion roadmap blog back in September, where it was said the champion will be a tank support. Riot described the champion as a fugitive who is “EXTREMELY dangerous,” and should be approached with caution.

The champion was also described to be heavily armored and “will attack if even slightly provoked,”. In the most recent teaser, Riot shows what is likely to be the new champion’s weapon. On the champion roadmap, a picture was attached where fans could slightly see what the new champion will look like. On that picture, it also seems like the champion is carrying a lance, which is pretty similar to the one Riot just teased. 

New LoL champion

How much does a new champion in LoL cost?

A brand new champion in League of Legends will cost 7,800 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points. This price will be reduced over time as newer champions get released. After the first week, the Blue Essence price will be reduced to 6,300. 

How many LoL champions are there in 2020?

There are currently 152 champions in League of Legends as of November 2020. The latest champion was Seraphine who was released on October 28. Ahead of 2021, Riot will be releasing the 153rd champion, which looks to be a tank support. The champion will be the last of 2020, but Riot is obviously planning to release more in 2021.  


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