Riot Games reportedly drops MiT after sexual abuse allegations

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 5, 2021

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Brazillian tattoo artist Daniela Tatueira has accused League of Legends caster and former coach Gabriel “MiT” Souza of sexual abuse. Riot Games has reportedly refused to work with the caster after hearing Daniela’s claims. 

Daniela revealed that she met MiT through Tinder six or seven years ago. The tattoo artist alleged that the former coach insisted on meeting alone. However, she turned down the idea. The pair met in a car where MiT forced her to perform oral sex, according to Daniela. 

Daniela’s tweets involved explicit details about the event where she initially decided to withhold the identity of her abuser. However, the tattoo artist revealed the name after receiving support. Several prominent names, including Tayna “tayhuhu” Yukini, Monica “Riyuuka” Arruda, and Júlia “Mayumi” Nakamura sent messages of support for Daniela. 

MiT is a prominent personality in LoL community due to his contributions at such teams as Flamengo Esports and paiN Gaming. His most noticeable work is with Riot Games, where he worked as a caster in 2020. 

Riot Games no longer working with MiT after allegations

Several other streamers backed Daniela’s claims with their own allegations of misconduct. YouTuber Debora Fuzeti said that she had the same experience with MiT, while Facebook streamer Ritalina rosa uploaded a detailed account on her interaction with the caster. The streamer revealed that MiT had made her uncomfortable at several occasions and even slapped her once. 

Quick action was taken by Riot Games following the accusations against the caster. MiT has been acting as a caster in CBLoL and was expected to appear again in 2021. However, Rod Breslau has reported that Riot Games has decided against working with MiT for 2021 season. Riot Games has not directly commented on the situation as of yet. 

Daniela continues to get support from people as more women come out with similar allegations. MiT has not spoken on the matter so far. 


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