Riot Games gives in to fan outcry, changes prestige point acquisition

Milo Webb • April 9, 00:06

Riot Games is adding a new method for gaining prestige points in response to community complaints.

Product manager Adriaan “KenAdamsNSA” Noordzij took to the League of Legends community boards to share Riot’s early plans in revising prestige point acquisition.

The first major change is the ability to simply purchase a bundle containing 100 prestige points, allowing the player to trade those points in for a prestige skin. The second is the addition of earning 25 points from completing an event pass’ “Milestone Missions.” Now, when an event pass is purchased they will come with a set of five missions that each offer five prestige points upon completion.

Riot Games’ lead modes designer “Mortdog” conversed with confused players in the post’s comment section to help to break down the new changes.

“You only need 100 prestige points for a points skin…If the only way you get prestige points is through the milestone missions, you’ll get one points skin every four events,” Mortdog said.

League of Legends’ prestige points have been a source of irritation to many fans since they were first introduced into the game. Prestige points were originally earned by opening masterwork chests. Once a player collected 100 points they would be able to purchase an exclusive prestige skin.

Community members were quick to point out that masterwork chests must be purchased using riot points, and that it could cost roughly $100 before one received enough prestige points to trade for a related skin. Many players chose to opt out of this process entirely due to its costly monetary investment.

The reception to these upcoming changes has been generally positive. Some members of the community are slightly annoyed with how few prestige points can be had from each event pass, but most are just pleased they no longer will need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get that shiny new gold cosmetic.

Riot Games has not disclosed when these changes will go live, but it was stated that the changes will not be coinciding with the upcoming release of the K/DA Evelynn prestige skin.


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