Riot Games gives first preview of its new Dragonmancers skin line

Christian Vejvad • September 15, 2020 6:40 pm

It hasn’t been long since Riot gave a detailed update on its plans for skins for the rest of the year. The update gave fans a look at the last champions who will be receiving a new skin in 2020. 

Five champions will receive a new skin from the new Dragonmancers skin line within the next few patches. As the name indicates, the skins will have a dragon theme and a lot of new in-game effects that will shine through on Summoner’s Rift. 

The champions are Lee Sin, Brand, Ashe, Aurelion Sol, and Sett. Sett will also be receiving a prestige edition skin. Aurelion Sol was on Riot’s list of champions in its recent update of low play rate champions that haven’t gotten a new skin in a while. 

Dragonmancers skin line will hit the LoL PBE soon

The first sneak peek on the skins consists of Public Beta Environment (PBE) previews, so the skins should be out for testing very soon. 

Storm Dragon Lee Sin

Eternal Dragon Brand

Fae Dragon Ashe

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Obsidian Dragon Sett

Obsidian Dragon Sett prestige edition

Riot said that it will definitely be hitting this year’s original goal of 120 new skins and even exceed it with up to 140 new skins in 2020. The Dragonmancers skin line will be the next step towards that goal, but fans should be expecting even more new skins before the end of the year. 

Riot still needs to check off lesser played champions including Anivia, Illaio, Ivern, and Zac from the list of champions in need of new skins. 

The new skin line is expected to hit PBE at any minute. 


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