Riot Games debuts new League of Legends esports branding

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 22, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games recently introduced a complete rebrand of LoL Esports, including a new visual identity throughout all professional leagues in the League of Legends ecosystem and new streams of officially branded content. 

Riot Games wants to bring esports to more people than ever before through the new LoL Esports branding. The company’s plan is to build a global esports ecosystem that will include all 12 regional leagues around the world, as well as international events including the World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational, and the annual All-Stars event. LoL Esports will serve as the exclusive platform for this project. 

LoL Esports is starting out by integrating its new look across all LoL Esports channels and content. In this way, Riot aims to keep a common thread through all of its activities in and around competitive League of Legends. The ultimate goal is to make the company’s efforts more consistent and appealing for fans and viewers. 

When creating a new look for LoL Esports, we took inspiration from Summoner’s Rift, pulling color and iconography from our sport’s legendary arena. We aimed to have this update reflect a step into the modern while honoring the game that made it all possible,” Riot Games said. 

Riot seeks to align global leagues under LoL Esports banner

With the new LoL Esports, Riot is also planning to do a series of new content pieces that will cover competitive League as it’s played all across the world. The new concepts will be the “Weekly Rundown” that will present a weekly summary from all leagues the world over, “The Penta,” which will feature the five best plays each week, and “Champ Select,” a talk show featuring special guests of note.   

Not only is Riot looking to improve the viewer experience for competitive LoL through their rebrand and new content, they will also make it easier for future sponsors to support the world of LoL, since it’s now a truly global community and not just a collection of only partially aligned competitive leagues and brands. 

If Riot’s redesign is a success, the new esports hub will make it easier for both fans and potential corporate partners to follow and understand the whole of competitive League of Legends.

Riot wants fans to be familiar with both its major franchises in its biggest regions and with its wild card teams from all corners of the world. This rebranding is a big step in that direction.


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