Riot Games announces Arcane anniversary event start date

By Nicholas James


Nov 7, 2022

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Arcane, the smash hit animated series adapting League of Legends to film on Netflix, is celebrating its one-year milestone with an Arcane anniversary event running through early November.

Arcane first debuted on Netflix on November 6, 2020, with three-episode-long acts released each week for three weeks. Riot Games has announced an Arcane anniversary event that will run from November 8-18 and will include tons of Arcane tie-ins for fans and possibly the first look at Arcane season two.

Riot Games launches Arcane anniversary event

Riot Games had already announced that Arcane season two wouldn’t launch in 2023, so no fans were expecting a whole new season of the show by the time Worlds ended. However, Riot decided to still entertain Arcane superfans with a dose of Runeterra storytelling. Riot Games announced on Twitter that it would be running an Arcane anniversary event with events on November 8, 9, 16, and 18.

Some Arcane creators, likely Alex Yee and Christian Linke, will be hosting a Reddit AMA about the show on November 8. On November 16, a collaboration between Rocklove Jewelry and Arcane will drop, and two mysterious events were scheduled for November 9 and 18. The November 18 event, labeled “[REDACTED] Remix”, is likely a musical twist on part of Arcane’s soundtrack. It was the November 9 happening, labeled “[REDACTED] Drop” that most interested rabid fans waiting for their next animated taste of Piltover and Zaun.

Will the Arcane season two trailer drop on November 9?

The unspecified drop on November 9 has many fans expecting a trailer drop for the second season of Arcane. The second season had been confirmed to already be in production when the first season dropped. Given the assembly line nature of animation, that likely meant that Fortiche Studios was well into the second season, and likely beginning pre-production on the third, and possibly fourth, seasons.

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If Riot Games plans to launch Arcane at the same time next year, with the season’s first episodes dropping on the night of the world championship finals like in 2020, now would be around the time that fans could expect new footage. In addition, Riot Games would likely try to promote any branded collaborations further ahead of a drop, as seen in the Rocklove Jewelry collaboration. So if there’s any time that seems most likely for Riot Games and Fortiche to drop an Arcane season two trailer, November 9 is the best bet.


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