Riot Forge teases new games with four pieces of preview art

Milo Webb • December 12, 17:00

Developer Riot Games has announced a series of new projects during their tenth anniversary celebration, and now we are getting our first look at new content set within the League of Legends universe.

Riot recently established a publishing studio called “Riot Forge” that will be working with third-party developers to create new video games set in the world of League of Legends. The team has been keeping quiet about projects currently under development, but now they’re giving fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming adventures they’ll be able to embark on in Runeterra.

Riot Forge tweeted out a series of conceptual art pieces showing off various environments that the team hints at players will be able to travel soon.

“There are endless places to explore in Runeterra. Here’s a look at where we’re heading,” Riot Forge said.


The images showcase four different recognizable locations from the Legends of Legends lexicon.

The first appears to be the industrial, toxic-filled city of Iron and Glass known as Zaun. This metropolis that exists below the bright technological utopia of Piltover is home to many of League of Legends’ iconic champions including Jinx and Blitzcrank. It is also the main setting for the upcoming animated series “Arcane.”

The second image is clearly the port city of Bridgewater. This waterside town is a haven for all sorts of devious characters such as the pirate Gangplank and mercenary Graves.

The third piece of concept art resembles the grandiose capital city of Demacia. The champions who inhabit this region, such as Garen and Fiora, are just as proud and full of tradition as the nation they hail from. 

The final drawing is the frozen country known as the Freljord. This region is constantly entrenched in civil war between the idealistic queen Ashe, the traditional warmother Sejuani, and the mysterious sorceress Lissandra.

Riot Forge has not expounded on what this upcoming title may be outside of these images. It may be related to the obscure upcoming ARPG referred to as “Project F,” but it’s also possible that this art may be taken from multiple projects.


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