Riot changes prize pool allocation going into Worlds 2020

Christian Vejvad • September 14, 18:58

Riot Games recently announced some changes to the 2020 World Championship prize pool allocation, which will be more evenly distributed this year. The two VCS teams will also be greatly compensated for their absence. 

Fans are gearing up for Worlds while the participating teams have started the bootcamp in Shanghai. In a recent article, Riot provided fans with the last bit of information before the tournament kicks off. The most notable information was about the prize pool and how the money will be allocated this year. 

Riot will be looking to create a more “equitable structure” at this year’s Worlds tournament, and the amount given to the first-place team will be reduced. This is due to an increase in Worlds skin sales over the years, granting the winners a large sum of money from in-game sales. The Worlds champions will receive 25% of the sales of the World Champion skins. 

The decrease in prize money for the winning team will instead be allocated to the other finishers. 

To create a more equitable structure, the first-place prize will be reduced and allocated to the other finishers to better distribute the Worlds prize pool,” Riot said in the article. 

VCS teams will be compensated for missing Worlds 2020

It was highly anticipated among fans to see the VCS teams perform at this year’s Worlds event, but that will not be possible due to travel restrictions. Team Flash and GAM Esports would have represented Vietnam at the tournament, but will instead have to watch from home. 

To compensate for the absence of the two teams, Riot were quick to promise that the teams would still receive part of the Worlds prize pool as was deserved. According to Riot, the VCS teams will get 2.1% of the total prize pool.

“We’ve slightly modified the intended new structure to account for the VCS teams who are unable to attend,” Riot said. “We will be paying out more than 100% of the prize pool this year,”

The VCS teams will still be greatly missed at the tournament for their aggressive and entertaining playstyles. 

The 2020 World Championship kicks off with the play-in stage on September 25. 


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