Riot apologizes to TFT fans for Beta Pass outage with special mission

By Milo Webb


Aug 31, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Players will be able to earn 250 Beta Pass points as compensation for the recent Teamfight Tactics outage.

Riot Games is offering a new TFT mission that rewards 250 points after playing a single match regardless of endgame placement. This gift is a response to the outage that occured after patch 9.17 went live which prevented players from gaining more Beta Pass points and interrupted ELO progression in TFT ranked play. This mission will be available for a full week starting August 29.

The second TFT Beta Pass was released on August 14 and contains various prizes including two area skins, four mystery emotes, and seven new icons. Players must earn 6,800 points to receive every reward.

There are various means of gaining points such as completing five matches in the same day, as well as daily login bonuses called Orbs of Enlightenment. The quickest way of grinding out points is completing weekly missions that challenge the player to meet particular prerequisites.

This week’s 250 point reward is a special case since Riot typically only offers between 70 and 100 points per mission completed.

Fans respond to extra TFT mission


While League of Legends fans tend to be hostile on every front, response to this move has been widely positive. “Actually the only reason I started playing again. Keep up the good work,” one thankful player said.

The other missions available to complete this week are “play 8 games of TFT to State 4-5” and “play 20 Sorcerers OR play 12 Elementalists.” The rewards for completing these missions are 100 points and 75 points, respectively. These combine with the special mission for a whopping 425 Beta Pass points.

Players can surely put a dent in this pass’ experience bar following this week’s special mission. Fans should make sure to sign in and complete the mission before it disappears.