Return of the Legends 2018

By Nick Geracie


Aug 19, 2018

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Return of the Legends is coming back around for another year. The tournament started in 2017 and looks to be an recurring annual event.

Return of the Legends 2018 features retired professional players from both the eastern and western parts of the world. Old fans of Cloud9 will see familiar faces in Hai “Hai” Lam and Derek “LemonNation” Hart. TSM’s Marcus “Dyrus” Hill will also be on Team West, along with European legend Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin and Erik “Tabzz” Van Helvert rounding out the roster.

Team East features players from Korea, China, and Taiwan. Choi “inSec” In-seok headlines the squad, and Season 2 World Champion Chang “BeBe” Bo-Wei will be holding down the carry position for the east. Longtime fans of the LPL will see familiar faces in Ceng “U” Long and Wong “Tabe” Pak Kan. Legendary Chinese top laner Gao “Gogoing” Di-Ping will face off against Dyrus.

Return of the Legends is a one part of the ICBC e-Sports & Music Festival.  The three-day extravaganza will take place in Hong Kong and feature a plethora of esports tournaments and events, as well as other forms of related entertainment.

The ICBC 2019 event has already been confirmed, but no details have yet been released.


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