Reports suggest G2 Esports is reviewing its Valorant roster

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 5, 2021

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Several reports have revealed that G2 Esports is gearing up to make significant changes to its Valorant roster. 

According to the reports, the organization is actively looking for a new in-game leader and is considering benching Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunt after a disappointing run at the Valorant Champions Tour. 

The team entered Valorant battlegrounds when the pro scene was still in its embryonic stages. Thanks to the roster loaded up with skilled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional players, topping the charts in Europe was a cakewalk for G2. The team easily became of the best teams in Europe after remaining undefeated for a long time.

However, Heretics triggered a slump in G2 Esports after the team experienced its first loss at Valorant First Strike. Since then, the team’s performance has remained subpar. 

However, the organization refuses to sit idle until G2 Esports reclaims its throne in Europe. Arran “Halo” Spake said that G2 would be reviewing its roster for 2021. This bit of information was backed by several other sources pointing at roster swaps behind the curtains. 

The organization may be dropping its rifler Zeek from the active roster, according to The Polish player is under the organization’s scrutiny as it looks to make necessary changes to achieve a tournament-winning roster. Zeek had recently joined G2 in place of David “Davidp” Prins, who was dropped as the result of the team’s first loss against Heretics. This points to Zeek’s departure from G2 esports after his short tenure of two and a half months. 

Could CSGO pro ALEX be joining G2’s Valorant roster? 

Apart from Zeek, the team is also actively looking for a new in-game leader to direct the squad in the right direction. Reports suggest that G2 Esports was leaning towards picking Cloud9’s former IGL and CSGO pro Alex “ALEX” McMeekin to instate him as the team captain. Halo further said that the player is already trialing with G2 Esports.

The information was later elaborated on by reliable CSGO source neL, who noted that the organization merely approached ALEX but he turned down the offer. 

ALEX was recently released from Cloud9 and is actively streaming CSGO. It’s too early to say that news of ALEX refusing G2 Esports’ offer is set in stone, as anything can still happen.

The team’s hunt for an IGL is still going strong alongside trials for new players. Oskar “Ozzy” Scott is also reportedly trialing for G2 Esports to replace Zeek. While it may not be clear who’s joining G2 Esports in 2021, it seems that a subtle overhaul is certainly underway. Fans should expect some significant roster swaps in G2 Esports soon as the team has freshly been kicked of VCT Stage 2: Challengers first qualifier after losing to Team Vitality. 


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