Reports say Jatt to be removed as Team Liquid head coach

By Olivia Richman


Jun 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends community has been buzzing after Cloud9 streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera tweeted that Joshua “Jatt” Leesman has resigned from his position as Team Liquid’s head coach. 

IWillDominate notes that the decision was “forced,” and not up to the coach. 

This tweet comes after another spicy one IWillDominate shot out last night when the streamer said it would be “alpha” if Barney “Alphari” Morris got his spot back on Team Liquid and Jatt resigned. 

At the time, the tweet just seemed like a jab at Jatt, with many wondering what Jatt’s resignation would have to do with Alphari. But many people agreed that Jatt should step down since he was seen by them as being much better as a color broadcaster. The decision to bench Alphari really rubbed LCS fans the wrong way, with many losing faith in Jatt. 

IWillDominate has been talking about his disdain for Team Liquid and Jatt ever since Alphari was initially benched. He called the decision a “recipe for failure.” But he also didn’t like the way the team allegedly handled the benching. 

“They expect people to take it for what it is,” IWillDominate ranted last week. “I don’t know what the fuck could warrant this kind of change. They’re cutting their nose despite their face.” 

Is Jatt leaving Team Liquid? 

While IWillDominate has been vocal about his negative opinion on the Alphari situation for some time, his latest tweet is not merely an opinion. Instead, it seems as though IWillDominate is positive Jatt is stepping down. And he believes that Team Liquid left Jatt with no choice. 

It’s not clear what exactly would lead Team Liquid to drop Jatt during the summer split. But many are certain that it’s due to the decisions surrounding Alphari. The team didn’t improve after the benching of its star top laner. But it could also be more to do with how it was handled. A lot of fans speculate that there was drama between Jatt and Alphari. Alphari is broadly considered to be more valuable to the team, hence Jatt’s forced resignation. 

Team Liquid has an upcoming press conference that could be a further discussion of Jatt’s alleged resignation. But so far, the team has not officially confirmed that Jatt is leaving.