Raze’s ultimate can help you trick enemies in post-plant situations

Fariha Bhatti • April 12, 18:01

Raze is not just your aggressive duelist, shooting rockets to cause chaos. The agent can be valuable in post-plant situations with this little trick. 

Fake tapping the Spike is one of the most common tactics to bag rounds on the defender’s side. In Valorant, the trick becomes easier as you can always half defuse the bomb, punish the attacker for peaking and go back to defusing. However, the clear tap sound cue can get you in trouble. It turns out there’s a genius way to dampen the tapping sound using Raze’s ultimate Showstopper. 

The trick was first exhibited by Guild Esports’ Yacine Yacine Laghmari in a clean three versus one clutch round against Ninjas in Pyjamas in Valorant Champions Tour: Challengers. 

Utilizing an ultimate just as a decoy is not the most brilliant move in ranked games, especially when it activates on seven points. However, Yacine had calculated everything. The professional player hid the defuse sound in Raze’s “Here comes the party” voice line and still put the rocket to full use after deactivating the Spike. Here’s how it works. 

The Spike takes seven seconds to defuse, and Raze’s ultimate expires 10 seconds after activation. The professional player tapped the package right after equipping the rocket to cloak the sound cue, defused the Spike in seven seconds and utilized the last two seconds to blast the enemy in Hookah. 

Upon hearing the ultimate voice line, the enemy had naturally assumed that Yacine would launch a rocket in window instead of defusing the Spike. The way Yacine positioned himself on Spike also helped him achieve his impeccable Raze trick against NiP. The pro player squeezed the full juice out of Raze’s plain simple rocket, earning his team a bonus round and adding three kills to the board.

This trick can easily be replicated in maps with tight plant spots like Icebox and Bind. In open areas, players can always half-defuse the bomb and blow the enemies peaking the Raze on ultimate. Either way, the Showstopper defuse should work in both high and low ranked lobbies. 

What’s the best duelist in Valorant?

Valorant offers five duelists to pick from based on your play style. While all agents are unique and appeal to players with different play styles, Jett and Raze have remained to be the top pick agents in Valorant. Both the duelists enjoy a high pick rate among casual ranked games and professional Valorant matches, thanks to their incredibly deadly toolkits. 


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