Raze ultimate can boost you to a secret sniping spot on Ascent

Fariha Bhatti • February 4, 21:46

Valorant duelists are often expected to explode into bomb points by using their aggressive abilities. But this new Raze setup shows that she can make an impact in new and different ways. 

Valorant has divided agents into categories based on what they typically bring to the table. The responsibility to rush in and bag kills often fall on a duelist’s shoulders thanks to their deadly toolkits. However, players with subpar aim often end up dying at the beginning of rounds, putting the team at a disadvantage. To capitalize on duelist abilities, players may want to put some thought to create tactical plays. 

Raze’s toolkit is one of the most aggressive ones. Unlike other duelists, she doesn’t hide behind smokes and flashes but utilizes her grenades to keep enemies at bay. While her ultimate is generally used to blow up opponents in enclosed areas, it’s also capable of making a very different impact. 

This new Raze setup sends the agent to the top of a building, from where she can scout key areas on the map Ascent and even snipe her opponents. 

New Raze Glitch used in live game! from r/VALORANT

For this lineup, stand close to the maintenance hole and aim at one of the tiles, as shown in the image. 

Load up your Blast Satchel and throw it on the first lineup. This will help increase the bounce in your ultimate Showstopper. Aim at the corner of the sewer, and bring out your ultimate. Walk forward and activate the Showstopper to bounce up in the air. The double boost from ultimate and satchel will send Raze on top of a building in Attackers spawn. This is the perfect vantage point to pick off enemies at middle and Ascent’s bomb point A. 

Players may use this setup more than once, as it makes Raze is almost undetectable. This boost may prove to be a better use of ultimate Showstopper, which isn’t always fruitful in duels. 

Is Raze broken in Valorant? 

Valorant hasn’t registered a game-breaking bug in quite some time now. However, Raze’s toolkit has been acting glitchy for some players. A noise bug in her Boom Bot was recently discovered, which was just as irritating to some as it was hilarious to others. Her bot has also been exploiting teleporters on the map Bind, making her a menace for opponents. A few players have also reported bizarre bugs in her ultimate where the Showstopper would vanish in front of Cypher’s camera. 

The duelist is clearly in need of some fixing, as her abilities seem out of sorts. These bugs may not be breaking the game but are definitely wringing the fun out of competitive Valorant. 


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