Rare Atom vs. Team WE: 2021 LPL Spring Split betting analysis

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Rare Atom will look to climb the LPL standings as it faces off against top squad Team WE in the fifth week of the LPL. 

A match between two teams on different ends of the LPL leaderboard will take place as the 2021 LPL Spring Split enters its fifth week. It’s Rare Atom who will take on Team WE, currently placed at the top of the standings, in a best-of-three series. Rare Atom is sitting at a 2-3 record in 11th place but is looking to go on an upswing after beating Rogue Warriors convincingly last week.  

After a shaky start to the season, Rare Atom found a clean victory to end week four of the split. This was Rare Atom’s second win of the season after losing three tough matches in a row to JD Gaming, Bilibili Gaming, and Top Esports, respectively. 

Going up against Team WE will be a much harder task for Rare Atom compared to last week’s match against Rogue Warriors, but the team is showing some promising signs. Bot laner Hu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao was the key player against Rogue Warriors and the mechanically gifted bot laner will look to continue his momentum against Team WE.  

Beating Team WE will require some great play in the bot lane, as Team WE’s Zhao “Jiumeng” Jia-Hao and Lou “Missing” Yun-Feng have looked like a scary duo so far in the LPL. The consistent play from the bot lane has resulted in a 5-1 record currently for Team WE, with jungler Jiang “beishang” Zhi-Peng helping out a lot as well. These three players seem to be the strongest for Team WE, which means that Rare Atom has a difficult task ahead. 

On the bright side for Rare Atom, Team WE ended week four with a heavy loss to RNG. Team WE was expected to win the match, but every player on the WE roster crumbled under the pressure. This was Team WE’s first loss of the split, giving Rare Atom an opportunity now to punish them even further.  


Rare Atom vs. Team WE rosters

Rare Atom roster: 

  • Top – Dai “Cube” Yi
  • Jungle – Lu “Leyan” Jue / Li “Aix” Yang
  • Mid – Chu “FoFo” Chun-Lan
  • Bot – Hu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao
  • Support – Fu “Hang” Ming-Hang / Hu “Maestro” Jian-Xin

Team WE roster: 

  • Top – Chen “Breathe” Chen
  • Jungle – Jiang “beishang” Zhi-Peng
  • Mid – Cui “Shanks” Xiao-Jun
  • Bot – Zhao “Jiumeng” Jia-Hao
  • Support – Lou “Missing” Yun-Feng

Team WE heavily favored to beat Rare Atom in the LPL

Even though Team WE took a bad loss against RNG in its recent game, Rare Atom is considered the big underdog in this match. Team WE is still sitting at the top of the LPL leaderboard and has proven itself as a world-class side. Rare Atom has looked shaky but with glimpses of hope when the team hits its stride. 

A win for Team WE will give odds 1.30, while Rare Atom gives odds 3.20 to take the win. The game could end up in a three-game series, but Team WE is expected to get the win based on a higher individual level and team synergy. 

The match between Rare Atom and Team WE kicks off on February 2. 


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