Radiant Valorant streamer Solista banned for cheating on live stream

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ranking up in Valorant is no easy feat. Renowned Valorant streamer Solista dodged the straight path and used cheats to rank up, but he was caught on livestream. 

Riot’s Vanguard system to filter out cheaters has been winning the hearts of Valorant players. Vanguard has actively plucked out hackers marring ranked games, some of them getting banned on live broadcasts. However, Solista’s ban has left players who avidly watched his streams for his incredible plays quite shocked and disappointed. 

The high ranked streamer played a ranked game in map Split when his post-plant round was illuminated with the red screen of death, stating that he’s finally been caught. The streamer quickly switched off the bold “cheater caught” message and barely looked surprised.

“What really?” he said in response. 

The error declared that “he’s been banned from playing Valorant” for using third-party software to gain an edge over the enemies. The clip went viral among high ranked Valorant players who have previously matched up with Solista. The streamer had hit Radiant rank before and played alongside the likes of Michael “shroud” Grzesiek. 

Hitting Radiant rank in Valorant is no cakewalk. The rank requires tons of practice and hours of a competitive grind against equally skilled players. The fact that Solista had hit 65th Radiant in North America without landing in Riot’s crosshair is not sitting well with players. The Valorant community is upset with the developer for letting a cheater dip under the radar for so long as no one knows how many games he’s dabbled in the past. 

Shroud jokingly predicted Solista’s ban

Solista has played with several Valorant professional players, but a particular game with shroud has started resurfacing. The now-banned player queued a high-ranked game with shroud, where he received praises from viewers for landing near impossible headshots. He also received a pat on the back from shroud himself, who was impressed by Solista’s insanely good aim with Guardian.

However, shroud’s decade long experience in FPS didn’t let him buy that Solista was playing clean. 

“I was really inspired by that Guardian player. (In a few years) he’ll be in the pro scene or banned,” shroud said during Solista’s fishy game.


The cheater may have fooled tons of Valorant pros, but his suspicious gameplay didn’t miss shroud’s keen eye. Various Valorant players came out in his support, but shroud’s predictions and clips of Solista not touching his mouse during Livestreams confirmed that the ban was valid. His channel is currently gone from Twitch as well as it’s against the platform’s policy to stream while cheating.


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