QTCinderella breaks down favoritism among Twitch streamers

Steven Rondina • December 28, 07:24

Favoritism among decision-makers on Twitch has been a major talking point within the streaming community, and if one streamer is to be believed, it’s a very real phenomenon.

In a since-deleted discussion on Twitch, streamer QTCinderella alleged that she had heard of admissions of favorable treatment for certain streamers by moderators at Twitch. QTCinderella recounted a discussion of a NSFW video accidentally becoming part of Ludwig Ahgren’s broadcast, and how they received no punishment due to a moderator being a fan of his.

“I was like ‘you should probably delete your VOD, because if you got banned you’d be so upset.’ Before he could even delete it, it was already deleted and he got a message from his manager that was like ‘yo, you didn’t get banned because my boss likes you,’” QTCinderella said.

The comments clearly had QTCinderella frustrated. She noted that this sort of blatant favoritism shouldn’t be how Twitch operates, given how streamers’ livelihood depends on the fair and equitable enforcement of the company’s rules.

Does Twitch play favorites between streamers?

There are a slew of examples of popular streamers avoiding bans or receiving unusually short bans for unclear reasons. The most famous and frequently cited example of this is Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon seemingly throwing her cat over her head in the middle of a stream. This and other cases leave many believing that some women receive preferential treatment from Twitch’s decision makers. 

That said, there are a number of examples of Twitch not taking serious action against other streamers who break the rules. This was seen last year when Turner “Tfue” Tenney used a racial expletive on stream and faced no repercussions. There are also women who have faced inexplicable bans in the past.

Regardless, the one common denominator when it comes to Twitch is that the moderators take it easy with bigger names. By comparison, small and up-and-coming streamers need to follow the rules to the letter, sometimes receiving bans without even knowing why.

Are QTCinderella and Ludwig dating?

QTCinderella and Ludwig are known to be romantically linked. Fans had long speculated regarding a possible relationship between the two streamers given their interactions with one another. Ludwig removed any doubt over the matter in May when he officially announced that the couple was dating.


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