Qiyana can make sick combos with Jarvan ult in Ultimate Spellbook

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ultimate Spellbook has finally landed on the League of Legends live servers and players keep finding incredibly fun and strong combos. 

After being tested on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for weeks, Ultimate Spellbook has been unleashed alongside the Rise of the Sentinel event. The game mode allows every player to choose an extra ultimate that will take over a summoner spell spot. With two ultimates, there are countless new combos to be discovered and some are definitely stronger than others. One of the newest trending combos is Qiyana with Jarvan IV’s Cataclysm (R).

If a player is lucky enough to get a Jarvan ultimate while playing Qiyana in Ultimate Spellbook, then there’s no need to hesitate. Picking the ultimate will make up for a lot of fun and potential game-breaking combos.

With Qiyana’s Supreme Display of Talent (R) , she is able to send out a shockwave that will detonate on terrain. If she knocks back enemies into the terrain and hits them with the skill, then all enemies will be stunned and take damage from the explosion. 

Usually, Qiyana relies on unleashing her ultimate near a wall or tower, but with Jarvan’s Cataclysm this is no longer needed in Ultimate Spellbook. As recently showcased by a player, Qiyana will be able to jump one target or more with Cataclysm and unleash her own ultimate right after. This will almost guarantee to hit since the targets won’t be able to react before they are knocked into the Cataclysm wall. 

In a potential team fight scenario, Qiyana could combo a complete team with this. She can also pull it off in 1v1 skirmishes and likely win out because of her natural burst. Paired up with a few lethality items, Qiyana will be unstoppable.  

Battle Boss Qiyana

What position is Qiyana in LoL?

After being released in June 2019, Qiyana has played in several different roles. Qiyana was originally designed as a mid-lane assassin, which is also the most common role for her. Besides mid, Qiyana has been viable in both top and the jungle in certain metas.

On the current patch 11.14, Qiyana is almost exclusively played in mid lane. With a win rate of 49.59% in Platinum and higher, Qiyana is in a fairly balanced spot and is likely not a champion that Riot will target in the coming patches.  

What type of damage does Qiyana do?

Qiyana is an assassin who almost exclusively deals physical damage. All five of Qiyana’s abilities scale off of attack damage. A few of them also have ability-power scaling, but nowhere near to an extent that Qiyana can consider buying ability-power items. The ones that do scale with ability power are her passive Royal Privilege and Terrashape (W). The rest scales heavily with attack damage, which is also why Qiyana performs very well with lethality items.  


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