Premier Tour rebrands as LoL Prime League for the 2020 season

Marta Juras • January 13, 02:00

German, Austrian, and Swiss League of Legends teams have a new home. For the 2020 season, the Premier Tour has been replaced by Prime League.

The 2020 Prime League Pro Division Spring is a part of European Masters and will serve as a battleground for academy teams from the DACH region. The league is being organized by Riot Games and Freaks 4U Gaming, an international esports marketing company.

 Prime League 2020

Riot’s European branch has done excellent work facilitating the growth of young talent with expansive competitive infrastructure, something that North America lacks. A big part of this is the ample sponsrship opportunities available for leagues in Europe. Prime League will be partnered with a number of international brands including NicNacs, Dr. Oetker, Deutsche Telekom, Barmer, and more.

The league will serve to highlight developing talent from the region, and will serve as a proving ground for LEC hopefuls.

Three Prime League teams to play in the 2020 European Masters

Ten teams will be invited to compete in the Prime League. While four of the teams still need to be announced, six have been confirmed. The list of confirmed Prime League teams includes:

The invitees will fight for a spot in the 2020 European Masters Spring Season. Out of those 10, three will qualify over the course of the season.

Besides two regular season splits, the Prime League will also feature a Grand Final and a Winter Cup. Winners of each of the splits will get a chance to perform at the European Masters, with the third team starting in the play-in stage.

The 2020 Prime League season kicks off on January 21.


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