Police arrest Challenger player at internet cafe in China

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Chinese police officer recently made an unexpected arrest when he went with his friends to play at a local internet cafe. 

A report by Biajiahao from a week ago shows how policeman Zhang Yihao from Chongqing arrested a suspect at a Chinese internet cafe. The policeman was reportedly at the internet cafe to play some games with his friends before noticing that a wanted suspect was playing in that exact cafe. 

The officer discovered this shortly after it was announced through the speakers that a Challenger player had logged into the servers at that exact internet cafe. As any other League of Legends fan would, the police officer reacted to seeing a top player perform in real life. Unfortunately for the police officer, he never got to learn any tips or tricks as he quickly recognized the player as a wanted suspect.

The officer confirmed the player’s identity to be completely sure before calling for assistance and making the arrest. 

The footage of the arrest was caught on one of the internet cafe’s cameras. In the short clip, it’s clear how the policeman realizes who the player is before discretely calling for assistance. The suspect was quickly taken into custody and left the internet cafe alongside the policemen without any trouble. 

This was likely one of the more unusual arrests for Zhang Yihao and his colleagues but still shows that a police officer is always on duty. Because of the announcement in the speakers, the criminal suspect was discovered. If it wasn’t for that, the player would likely never have been discovered by the officer in that cafe.

In Chinese internet cafes, it’s not unusual that high-ranked players are announced in the speakers when they log in. This gives the best local players a little extra recognition and sometimes even discounts at the cafe as a bonus. This is mainly done to encourage other players to grind even harder and potentially reach the same status someday.