Pokémon Unite mobile release date, 2 new Pokemon announced

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Nintendo’s latest Pokémon game, Pokémon Unite has a release date for its mobile version, with some surprises. 

The Pokémon Company shared during a Pokémon Presents livestream that Pokémon Unite can be pre-registered onto phones so that it is ready for release day. Those who pre-register will receive a notification when the game is officially available for download. Cross-play will also be available for the device, meaning that those who play on mobile may party up with players on a Nintendo Switch. By linking a mobile device account with a Nintendo Switch account for Pokémon Unite, players will have cross-progression. This will allow players to play the game on either device, and progress will be saved on both devices. 

As for a release date, Pokemon Unite arrives on mobile devices on September 22.

There are also rewards for pre-registering on mobile devices, including 1,000 Aeos Tickets, Pikachu’s Unite License, and the Festival-Style Pikachu skin. Each reward will be given based on the amount of people who pre-register for the game. The rewards will be given out at 1 million, 2.5 million, and 5 million pre-registrants, respectively.

Sylveon, Mamoswine revealed for Pokemon  Pokémon Unite

In addition to the game releasing on mobile devices, the Pokémon Company also released two new Pokémon that will be added to the game. Sylveon and Mammoswine are slated to make their appearances for the first time in Pokémon Unite sometime in the near future. There were no exact dates given, just that fans should expect to hear more details soon. One move from each of the newly announced Pokémon were shown on-screen, but no details about their moves were released either. 

This news comes on the same day that Pokémon Unite is set to release Blissey, along with a patch update that nerfs Snorlax and Slowbro. Blissey is a supporter Pokémon that has moves that heal or increase basic attack speed, and its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, allows it to protect its allies and prevent them from attacks. 

Pokémon’s new MOBA has already been a great success, despite players’ concerns over its pay-to-win formula. Regular balance updates and a slew of new Pokémon to play have contributed to fans’ positive response to the game. The addition of new Pokémon doesn’t seem to be slowing with the announcement of two new Pokémon, and fans are happy that they are being released at regular intervals. 


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